Awesome! Get Your Very Own Chibi At 50% Discount!

chibi super offer
Chibi Style Portrait

Guys and girls, this is a limited promotion that I won’t be able to offer for long; I am offering a FIFTY percent discount (yes 50%!!) on the next orders of the cutest CHIBI version of you (or of your loved ones)!!!



Consider a Chibi as a concentrate of cuteness in a mini version of you. It brings joy and happiness where you hang it, and believe me, once your friends see it, they will definitely want one too!



Every Chibi is HAND DRAWN from a photo of you you will send me with your order (only one person per order/photo please). You can also mention how you usual DRESS, what kind of POSTURE your like, to make it even more personalized!! If there is a specific color you like we can use it in the BACKGROUND.

Once the daring part is finished, we actually scan the Chibi, clean it up and evolve it to a more advance version. The we COLORIZE it, add some cool effects and retouch the small details to make your Chibi perfect.



We are just launching our new art shop, so we are offering this AWESOME PROMOTION to make ourselves a name, but be aware, it won’t be up for long!

Orders are already starting to pile up, and we will close this special offer anytime soon so that we can deliver the pending orders. At the moment, the average wait time is about a week and we don’t want to make it much longer!

Cute Chibi Portrait


Orders are proceeded in 2 steps: use the Paypal button below to proceed to the checkout (100% secure). Once your payment complete, send us an email as follows:

chibi [at] comicstyleportrait [dot] info

In the subject line of the email, put your Paypal Transaction ID (it should appear at the top right of the confirmation email sent by Paypal).

In the body of the test, please include:
1. What is your favorite posture (if you don’t know we will choose randomly for you)
2. What clothes you usually wear (same comment as above)
3. What is your body type (super skinny, chubby, etc)

Then make sure you attach a high quality photo of your face (shoulders up)

You’re good to go! Once finished, we will send you your ORIGINAL & PERSONAL CHIBI back to the same email (jpeg format in A4 size at 72dpi). Please bear with us as the average waiting time is around a week. We know you already are impatient to receive your cute Chibi but hey! quality never comes fast!


Did you know?
Chibi (ちび or チビ in Japanese) comes Chibiusa, a pet name for the diminutive daughter of Sailor Moon formed from Chibi Usagi (“Little Rabbit”)
Source: Wikipedia