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Are you using a software to generate the Comic Style Portraits?

Absolutely not. Each picture is received by me, checked for defects, then I see if it is appropriate for making the portrait. I analyze the main features of the face, and start drawing from the photo you sent. The drawing is a fully handcrafted digital drawing done with a tablet. It is a unique piece of creation. Each artwork is save and backed up in case you need a reprint.


I ordered one Comic Style Portrait and now I want to order 5 more for my fan club. How do I do that?

Very easy. Just send us an email with your client number, the sizes and quantities you want to order. We will then send you a Paypal invoice and on receipt of payment we will proceed with the production of your canvas. Please note that for re-orders, the one time artwork fee will not be charged again.


I don’t look that good on pictures, how can you help?

I don’t really care how you look. Not everyone is or can be a top model. But everyone has something special. This is where I bring the magic. I will make you look like yourself. And hanging a portrait of yourself on the wall will bring back the confidence in you.


I have just ordered my Comic Style Portrait. When will I receive it?

It usually takes 10 working days from the moment I receive your photo until the moment I ship your portrait on stretched canvas to you. I do my best to keep this delay as short as possible without compromising on quality. It does takes time to analyze your picture and design your portrait in comic art. Then the artwork need to be transposed on canvas, and let to dry to a couple of days. Then a fixing spray is used and let to dry again. After that the canvas is stretched by a professional, carefully fixed, and will have some fixture added so you can easily hang it on your wall. Then it is wrapped, and placed in a custom carton with protective corners. Only then it is shipped to you (using Fedex, UPS or other reliable courier service depending on the destination country).


Can I order a size that is not proposed on your website?

I am sorry but at the moment I am not able to propose different sizes. The 3 sizes I proposed  have been selected to cater for 99% of the expectations. And the square format is what will give more power to your portrait, and best fit on your wall.


Can I pay you by Western Union or bank transfer?

All payments for the orders of Comic Style Portrait are exclusively processed by our partner PayPal, which is the most secure and reliable platform on the internet. You can use most credit cards to pay through this platform, even if you down’t have a PayPal account.


I want a portrait with 2 persons in it, can you do that?

At the moment we are only offering single-person portraits. So for 2 persons, you will have to order 2 portraits. But don’t worry, they look great side by side on a wall!


Do I have to pay Taxes or Custom Duties when I receive the portrait?

We have no control whatsoever on that part as each country has its own rules. You will have to check that in your country and pay the relevant taxes or duties should they occur.


What is PayPal?

Paypal Express. Payment is instant, fast and secure! Pay via VISA, Mastercard or directly from your bank account. You don’t need a Paypal account for this option. Payments are instant other than bank transfers. Read more about PayPal