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I will personally receive your photo, check its suitability, and proceed with the your comics art design. The artwork is entirely done by hand, it is NOT an automated software. It takes an artist eye to find the couple of lines on your face that best renders its expression. The fee you are paying here is for the artwork. This is a one-off fee that you will pay just one time (per photo), no matter what quantity or size you order.
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It is important that you choose the best possible picture in order to get the most stunning Comic Art Portrait. Use a middle shot (as shown here), with the face facing the camera (or 3/4). Pick a nice facial expression. Make sure the face is in focus, and that the model is not merged with the background. A resolution of a minimum 2,000 pixels in either way is required, JPEG or TIFF.

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Bring your comic style portrait with you anywhere by ordering a wallpaper for your laptop or mobile phone!
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